PPZNBB-061KG 1 kilogram Yellow Green Fast Glow in the Dark Phosphorescent Pigments

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  • Quick green under dark conditions glows brightly then fades fast, perfect for shadow wall museums
  • PPZNBB-061KG Fast green glow in the dark powder also reacts under black light
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PPZNBB-061KG kilogram of PPZNBB-06 Yellow Green Glow in the Dark Pigment Phosphorescent Powders.

Risk Reactor Inc.'s PPZNBB-06 Invisible Yellow Green glow in the dark pigment comes in a powder form. We also have this pigment in various mediums such as paint, vinyl, etc. This pigment will glow in the dark for 10 hours to the dark adapted eye. It has a light yellow body color and a yellowish green after glow. If you need a pigment that can handle exposure to sunlight please review our PPSB and PPWB series. Our PPSB-10 and PPSB-06 both can glow for over 100 hours. Use this pigment when you need a quick charge up time and a relatively short after glow time. This pigment currently meets thousands of safety codes around the world.

Benefits of Risk Reactor Inc.'s PPSZBB-06 Yellow Green Glow Pigment:

  1. Absorbs light energy really fast!
  2. Used in shadow walls!
  3. This pigment is used for safety lighting!
  4. Safe and non-toxic!
  5. Has been incorporated into countless safety codes and product specifications!

Used In:

  • Warning and exit signs.
  • Shadow walls.
  • Fire fighting and mining safety gear.
  • Silkscreen printing on textiles.
  • Museum exhibits and displays.
  • Fishing lures.
  • Paints for safety and crafts.
  • Plastics, plastisols, and other mediums.
  • Paper and film coating such as pressure sensitive vinyl.
  • Toys and novelties of all types and sizes.

Technical Information:

Appearance: Light-Yellow Powder/No Order
Melting Point: Dissociates 1200 C
Vapor Pressure: N/AP
Vapor Density: N/AP
Solubility In Water: Negligible(<1%)
Flammability Class: N/AP
Extinguishing Media: Water
Specific Gravity: 4.1
Freezing Point: N/AP
Percent Volatile: N/AP
Evaporation Rate: N/AP
pH (% in water): N/AP
Flash Point: N/AP


Brightness of Afterglow (mcd/m2)

1 minutes


3 minutes


5 minutes


10 minutes


How to Use:
Follow the guidelines below to get the maximum out of your pigment.

Basic Guidelines For Using Risk Reactor Glow in the Dark Powder.

  1. More powder, higher percentage will produce brighter, longer glow.
  2. Use a white, or light color as a background for best results. Any color other than white will diminish glow.
  3. Use the clearest vehicle possible. Any pigment in the vehicle will decrease the brightness and length of glow.
  4. The thicker (to a point) the layer of Glow Powder will produce longer and brighter luminosity.
  5. Try to prevent moisture in the manufacturing process.
  6. Do not use vehicle with high acidity.
  7. Do not grind the Glow Powder, it will destroy the crystal structure and therefore decrease luminosity.
  8. The larger the particle size of the Glow Powder the greater the glow.
  9. Ratio of Glow Powder to medium is from 10% to 50% by weight depending on application and manufacture process.

Risk Reactor also offers a variety of fluorescent (UV), tracers, dyes, pigments, phosphorescent (GID), and black light products.

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Warranty Information

3 Year Warranty!*
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