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We have a bunch of videos showing uses, applications, art, and how to instruction videos.  Click Here for Black Light Videos!

Below are some quick links to the most popular products. These kits come complete including batteries! Everything you need to get going right out of the box. It is best to get one kit per entry/exit for best results. We have these in stock and can ship it today. We also make custom stamps so if you need a special image choose the CUSTOM kit either self inking stamper or the wood stamp with pad.

These are the best Black Lights on the market at the best price. Strong and durable, not the cheap throw away types. These are powerful UV tools for home, club, or crime scene. We have small hand held for your pocket to large UV curing types for larger industrial applications.
Click here for the scorpion hunting black lights!
Floodlight Style Black Light for Curing, Theater, or Industrial UV Inspections
Click Here for UV Curing Floodlights and Portable Black Lights in the 365 NM range. Click Here for UV Curing Floodlights and Portable Black Lights in the 395 NM range
minizoom-uv-black-light-flashlights-s.jpg MINIZOOM-395 supertac-395-black-light-uv-flashlight-s.jpg SUPERTAC-395 zoomtac-395-black-light-crie-scene-tool.jpg ZOOMTAC-395
 minizoom-365-uv-black-light-flashlights.jpg MINIZOOM-365  supertac-395-black-light-uv-flashlight-s.jpg SUPERTAC-365  zoomtac-365-ultra-violet-black-light.jpg ZOOMTAC-365
 bluemonster-395-scorpion-hunter-uv-flshlight-s.jpg  BLUEMONSTER-395 brth-365-rechargeable-uv-crime-scene-black-light-tools-cs.jpg



 bct6-365-high-flux-uv-emitter-flashlight-s.jpg  BCT6-365








Super Mini

6 Pack 12 Pack 100 Pack  We will match or beat anyone's price.
MAR-C0  MAR-C06  MAR-C012  MAR-C0100Box marc0-invisible-black-light-marker.jpg
MAX-C0  MAX-C0Box6  MAXC0-Box12  MAXC0-Box100 max-c0-large-uv-invisible-marker-s.jpg

Special Prison and Institution Ink IFWA-NONTOXIC. This Risk Reactor Inc. invention was specifically made for the prison industry where you can not have any flammable solvent on premises.

Click here to get your IFWA-NONTOXIC today!