BB3W-365 Three Watt 365nm UV LED AC black light Bulb.

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  • UV LED black light lamp bulb for regular screw in sockets.
  • True 365 nm black light bulb using three ultra violet LED.
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3-Watt 365nm UV Ultraviolet 3-Watt LED Light Bulb - E26 / E27 AC 85V - 265V, LED's: 3 x 1-Watt 100 mW per UV 365nm LED, Light Output: ~ 300mW, Power Input: 85V - 265V AC, Power Consumption: 3.2 watts, Base: E26 / E27 Medium Screw-in Base, Beam Angle: 30 Degree,Lifetime: 36,000 hrs

• Metal crack check.
• Nondestructive testing.
• Antique identification.
• Security markings inspection.
• Criminal scene proof collection.
• Automobile air condition fluid leaking freon detection.
• Mineral detective.


Inspection, laboratory, scientific, law enforcement where cordless high UV power is required.
Arson and Fire Investigation!
Scorpion hunting.
Education in schools.
Pet stain inspection.
Carpet cleaning services (pet stains visible in les than ideal lighting conditions).
Curing (requiring 395-400nm)
Anqitue glass (uranium glass, vasceline glass)
A/C coolant leak detection (using dye)
Bathroom inspection
Animal urine
Human urine
Hotel room inspection

Our clients include government agencies such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory, military, schools, businesses, and people like you! Welcome to our black light information section.

365 nm
Forged document detection
Salmonella and Shigella bacteria detection
Drivers licence UV markings
Dye penetrant inspection (NDI/NDT)
Magnetic surface analysis
Counterfeit currency detection
UV Curing (requiring 365nm)

What is the difference between the black light bulb types?
There are two different factors in the bulb and there for the light cost. First is the wavelength. The lower the nm (Wavelength) usually the more cost in manufacturing such as 365 nm. 254 nm, which is short wave, is a lot more. Secondly, more intensity of the wavelength the higher the cost will be. These days has really spawned some great innovation creating high flux emitters which blows away traditional LEDs.

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