6PK1OZNONTOXIC Six pack IFWA-NONTOXIC UV Fluorescent Inks in 1 oz Bottles

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  • 6PK1OZNONTOXIC Six pack IFWA-NONTOXIC UV Fluorescent Inks in 1 oz Bottles
  • Six pack of stamping invisible inks 6PK1OZNONTOXIC in a wholesale package of 1 ounce bottles
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Part number 6PK1OZNONTOXIC is a pack of size one ounce bottles filled with our IFWA-NONTOXIC black light ink.

This product was solely developed and formulated by Risk Reactor Inc. for government institutions. Non Toxic version of the IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue Hand Stamp Fluorescent Black Light Inks. Goes on clear and glows brightly under long wave black light. This is a simple, portable, and inexpensive way to control paying patrons leaving and returning to an event. The mark is invisible to the naked eye allowing the attendees to return to work and school without a "been at a bar" marking on their hand. You can make thousands of marks from a single bottle making it very economical. When used with our battery operated black lights and UV LEDs, you now have a security system that is portable. For permanent situations we also carry plug in mounted black lights. This ink is also chlorine resistant and can last in swimming situations.

Benefits of Risk Reactor Inc.'s Non Toxic 6PK1OZNONTOXIC Clear Blue Readmission Ink:

  1. Goes on absolutely clear!Strong long lasting invisible ink!
  2. Fluoresces a bright blue under our black lights!
  3. Can be used in any where you need a Non-Flammable Non-Toxic Ink!
  4. Invisible mark!
  5. Used in Government Facilities such as correctional institutions!
  6. Simple To Use!
  7. Pays For Itself!
  8. Made For use with any of our Black Lights and our UV LEDs!
  9. Ready To Use - No Mixing!
  10. Very economical!
  11. Hard to duplicate preventing loss of revenues or loss of security control!

Theme parks, clubs, dance halls, sports events, school events, private parties, race tracks, movie screenings, outdoor events, water parks, any situation where you need to control people either for security or revenue loss prevention.

Use by applying a rubber-stamp imprint of our fluorescent ink to the patron's hand. The ink is invisible on the skin, and can be seen under one of our black lights such as the B14LED battery operated black light. Pass the hand under a black light to see the invisible marking. Do not pour too much in the pad for this will cause the lines of the stamp to be smudged. Close the container after use.

1. Use a clean, blank Risk Reactor Stamp Pad such as the PAD-1 Stamp Pad. If the stamp pad is not a blank and empty then you might have different results.

2. Simply pour Risk Reactor’s readmission ink onto the pad until the pad is wet. This usually is about a thimble full.

3. Use a clean Risk Reactor custom rubber stamp, or other marking device, to transfer the ink from the pad to the intended surface.

4. View the invisible mark under one of Risk Reactor’s superb black lights. We carry plug in fixtures and portable battery operated black lights to suit your every need.

Change the pads on a self inker, just push down a bit and push the pad out. Only use small amount of invisible UV ink to wet the pad

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