Invisible Green Contamination Simulation Powder PDT-06

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  • PDT-06 UV tracer powder for germ simulation exercises
  • Black light contamination simulations tracer powder PDT-06
  • Germ simulation powder PDT-06 that is used to train people how to properly clean themselves and the area
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PDT-06 Invisible Green Contamination Simulation Powder is used to simulate a contaminate that can be washed off. This product stays better than the PSW-06 and is very luminous under long wave black light activation.
PDT-06 is used to simulate radio active fallout or other heavy contaminates that may impact the environment. This is a safe way to test your company?s footprint on its surroundings. Some of our clients include Home Land Security, oil companies, nuclear power facilities, corporate trainers, teaching hospitals, long-term care facilities, food service, colleges, day-care, public school systems, clinics, and schools around the world! The PDT-06, is barely visible when used in small concentrations but shows brightly under a black light! Use just a small amount; a little goes a long way. The PDT-06 is great for detection because when dispersed it is invisible until looked at under one of Risk Reactor?s black lights. This is an easy way to track where handling has occurred because without a black light, the human eye cannot determine where the powder is. Turn the black light on and see just where the PDT-06 has gone. Excellent way to track money and valuables.

Use this product in conjunction with our B12LEDNS hand held black light for portability.
Large quantities also available!
Risk Reactor will also create new simulation products just for your particular need.
Used by Schools and Fire Departments Across the Country!
PDT has been used extensively to simulate radiation contamination!
The PDT-06 and PSW-06 are used to simulate radio active fallout. Our PXT-07 is used to simulate bio and other easily transferred contaminates. The PSW-06 is a little easier to clean up both work just fine. For your application it sounds like PXT-07 which is an easily transferred powder that you can use as it dusted on paper, etc. or mix with hand lotion for a liquid contaminate simulation. These are concentrates and will last a long time. Use very little. The idea behind using fluorescent material is because what a small amount that can not be seen by the human eye, can be illuminated via Black Light to emit light, and therefore detectable.

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