UVTRACER-G1GAL one gallon of Fluorescent Green Leak Detection Dye Tracers

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  • UVTRACER-G1GAL one gallon of Fluorescent Green Leak Tracers
  • Our bright green dye UVTRACER-G1GAL is sold in gallon plastic jug
  • We make all of our black-lite responsive UV tracers in the USA
  • Wholesale UV green dye concentrate UVTRACER-G1GAL sold by the gallon
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Part number UVTRACER-G1GAL our all purpose fluorescent green dye concentrate gallon.

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We sell more of this ultra violet green because it is a bright dye in regular light and even brighter under our black lights. Risk Reactor Inc. UVTRACER-G1GAL is very concentrated and is used in water tracing and leak detection applications. This one gallon of UVTRACER-G can tag 10,000 gallons if used just visually. Even more if using one of our black light. But using an ultra violet light is no required. Highly visible formulation is non-toxic and biodegradable. Perfect for outdoor pollution studies and tracing various plumbing mechanisms.This amazingly bright green dye can be used as is in regular light or you can use one of our UV flashlights.

Features and Benefits of our UVTRACER-G1GAL UV green gallon:

Incredibly visible with our distinctive fluorescent green color.
The UVTRACER series including this green was designed to be non-toxic and biodegradable.
Some clients use the ultra violet green so that it can be measured using black light for precision measuring.
You can use our green gallon dye concentrate in almost any light conditions.

What black light do I need for the UVTRACER-G1GAL green gallon dye?

First off you do not need one to use this product. It is highly visible in regular light. If you want to see even better using less dye then use any one of our black lights. We have them in all sizes from small pocket ones B3WB-365 to BMONSTER-395. For even larger scale project use our pistol grep rechargeable Non Destructive Testing (NDT) lights such as our BAERO1-365 UV light source. Most of our lights come with batteries but you might want to get some extra just in case.

Risk Reactor Inc. Water Tracing Dye utilizes bio-degradable technology to create an intense fluorescent green color in water to trace and find leaks fast. Use our concentrated dye to study conditions in any environment. Our customer use this in residential, commercial, scholastic, and environmental projects. The UVTRACER-G dye concentrate is safe, non-toxic and does not harm the environment. Find plumbing leaks, storm drain bad connections, pond and lake analysis, and all piping applications our dye is your best bet at finding the problem quickly.

The UVTRACER-G1GAL UV green is Proudly made in the USA

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