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365 nm UV

When in doubt use one of our 365 nm black light energy for fluorescent items. Some dyes and pigments are able to absorb higher wavelength but generally speaking 365 nm is considered the generic "black light" designation. Our staff here at Risk Reactor Inc. have created the perfect collection of quality, true 365 nm, black lights for everyone to utilize.

 Quality Pure Black Light UV LEDs. Buy yours today!

These are perfect for many application such as uv curing, looking at bathrooms and bedrooms for stains, carpet for pet stains the uses are endless. Our black lights and UV LEDs are made of strong aluminum alloy. We use pure professional LEDs for our UV lights in the 365nm and the other higher ranges. We are the place where you can buy the best and the highest quality UV LEDs and black lights. Our special long wave 365 nm black lights are used for inspections, finding cracks and leaks, UV Curing of adhesives and resin, just about anything. Risk Reactor Inc. has supplied the FBI, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Agencies around the world and hard working people like you.

365 nm is the wavelength considered black light. It is called this because when you have a really good black light there will be little to no visible blue light.

  • Forged document detection.                            * Bed bugs hotel rooms.
  • Salmonella bacteria detection.                        * Car fluid leaks.
  • Drivers license UV markings.                           * Fugitive glue applications.
  • Dye penetration inspection (NDI/NDT).          * Hand UV stamping inks.
  • Magnetic surface analysis.                               * Kitchen inspections for cleanliness.
  • Counterfeit currency detection.                      * Invisible pet stains on carpet and wood.
  • UV Curing (requiring 365nm).                           *Invisible black light security inks and pens.

When you are in the market for a black light you want maximum effect from your UV light source. Most black light reactive materials use the long wave 365 NM wavelength. This UV light source has low apparent visible light noise. Giving the reactive surface a greater difference visually then using a higher wavelength. Now with that being said there are some materials that need 395 NM. But generally speaking the 365 NM wavelength ensures the fluorescent object, and not the surrounding surface, is illuminated perfectly. Risk Reactor Inc.’s 365 NM ultraviolet light produces a near pure black light output which is the best frequency for typical UV fluorescent applications.


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