6PACK2OZC7 Six Pack Invisible Fluoresent UV Red 2 Ounce Bottles

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  • 6PACK2OZC7 6 pack IFWA-C7 Invisible Fluoresent Red 2 oz Bottles
  • Six pack of 2 ounce bottles 6PACK2OZC7 of black light red porous marking ink
  • 6PACK2OZC7 black light red fluorescent hand stamping inks in a six pack form.
  • Fluorescent red invisible hand stamping ink in two ounce jar multi pack
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Part number 6PACK2OZC7 is pack of six ounce bottles.

Each bottle is filled with clear invisible UV red black light ink. This is a six pack of IFWA-C7 Clear UV Red the best UV fluorescent ink on the planet. The beautiful Boston blue bottles are made to protect the ink from sunlight and other damaging elements. The pour Spot on top makes it easy to wet the pads.

6PACK2OZC7 Used In:
Theme parks, clubs, dance halls, sports events, school events, private parties, race tracks, movie screenings, outdoor events, water parks, any situation where you need to control people either for security or revenue loss prevention.

How to Use 6PACK2OZC7:
Use by applying a rubber-stamp imprint of our fluorescent ink to the patron's hand. The ink is invisible on the skin, dries within seconds, and cannot be transferred or washed off. The ink dries fast so that the patron can not share the image with other patrons. Pass the hand under a black light to see the invisible marking. This bright, durable ink works up to twenty four hours. You may change colors periodically, or change the marking pattern so as to control traffic into separate shows or security areas. It is suggested to use a non-symmetrical stamp to ensure difficulty is duplicating and to change color periodically.

Fluorescent Readmission Inks can also be used on most surfaces. The ability to track people or products saves you money. You can also use this ink on paper, textiles, etc. Tickets, raffle tickets, and other important documents can be tagged using this ink. Risk Reactor will also formulate new inks to suite your needs.

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