BCT5-365 Hand Held UV Light Source

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  • BCT5 365 black light ready to use and comes with two CR123 batteries.
  • Fluorescent UV flashlights for crime scene tools and non destructive testing.
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BCT5-365 black light flashlight crime scene tools. High flux 365nm flashlight (medium beam 365nm, requires 2*CR123A batteries)


* Pocket-sized Alternate Light Source.
* Newer high power Nichia 1030mW emitter.
* Current-regulated drive circuit maximizes battery performance.
* Black anodized aluminum body.
* Diffuse glass lens (medium beam).
* Click on/off rubber tail cap switch.
* Momentary-on also possibly with tail cap switch.
* Useful battery life typically 6 hours.
* Powered by long shelf-life CR123A lithium cells (included)
* Also supports rechargeable Li-Ion 18650 cell (optional)
* 6 inches long by 1.5” wide (approx.)
* LED Lifetime 10,000 hours.
* Beam angle 40 degrees approximately.
* Output power density ~1000µW/cm² at 15”
* Lanyard attachment included.
* O-ring sealed.

There are countless compounds that glow under black light including minerals, plants, fungi and microbes. Other organic and inorganic substances fluoresce as well and when then do it is an amazing effect to say the least. Fluorescent materials can absorb UV radiation which is invisible to the human eye, and then emit it in the visible spectrum. The absorption of this UV energy causes electrons in the compound to jump to a higher energy levels and when they fall back, then emit a photon of light. These electrons cannot stay in the higher level because they are unstable making the return to a lower energy level a continuous operation as long as the black light is on it. Some substances used as pigments in paints or dyes that exhibit fluorescence attributes making things appear brighter under sunlight. Sunlight has black light in it and they absorb invisible UV light part of the visible light and re-emit it at visible light. This particular characteristic is the reason they are commonly used for safety signs, safety vests and other applications in which high visibility is important and or necessary. Animals see in UV which gives fisherman an edge as well as birds and bees.

Industrial Strength Black Light Safety Glasses
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