BATCR123-10PK Box of ten lithium CR123 batteries also called CR123A

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  • Box of ten lithium BATCR123-10PK batteries also called CR123A
  • BATCR123-10PK batteries at wholesale prices especially made for our blacklight flashlights
  • Side veiw of the CR123A battery also called CR123
  • BATCR123-10PK battery design and dimensions specially made for Risk Reactor black lights
  • Bottom view of one of the batteries in the BATCR123-10PK value kit at wholesale prices
  • Blacklight battery BATCR123-10PK specifications  chart
  • BATCR123-10PK black light battery temperature characteristics chart
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BATCR123-10PK is a box of ten lithium CR123 lithium batteries.

When you use Risk Reactor Inc.’s CR123A ten pack you will stay prepared with these 3V lithium batteries. Demanding devices such as our black light flashlights and cameras work better with our ten environmentally friendly power cells. Risk Reactor Inc.’s lithium CR123A batteries are a lightweight and durable power source for any electronic device. Our batteries will perform well in most temperatures and have a shelf life of up to ten years. If your electronics requires long-life lithium batteries, our CR123A lithium are the ideal energy source for you.

Technical Specs for the BATCR123-10PK wholesale ten pack of black lite batteries.

3V each 

Each battery weighs 16 grams / 0.6 oz

Long lasting power cell for all electronic devices but specially made for UV flashlights.

Use with our SUPERTAC-395, SUPERTAC-365, ZOOMTAC-395, ZOOMtTAC-365 and any UV light that requires CR123A batteries. Note that the ZOOMTAC UV lights can use three AAA batteries or two CR123A batteries. The latter allowing you to use the ZOOMTAC longer, and keep it ready to operate.

"The BATCR123-10PK ten pack of CR123A style batteries is a solid battery for the money. I use them in my portable cameras and as well as my Risk Reactor UV flashlights. I would say the are comparable to the Duracell CR123As and maybe even better." Harold T. Dallas, TX

We refer to these batteries as CR123A but they have other common names for the same unit. These are also called CR123A include: EL123AP, Ultra DL123, Varta CR123A, Maxell CR123, Camera Battery, 2/3A, 123, 17345, 16340, CR-123A, 6135-99-851-1379, CR17345, 5018LC, 123A, CR123A, SF123, PL123, EL123, KL123, LR123, VL123, RL123, RL123A, SF12-BB, K123A, RCR-123A, 23-155, CR-123APA, DL2/3A, K123LA, PR123, ULCR123R, one two three A, Grainger 11W123, IEC - CR17345, Kodak and K123LA

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