CN2GAL Gallon Clear Over coat Oil Based Paint

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CN2GAL Clear Overcoat is an Oil Based durable paint that goes on absolutely clear. Does not contain any inhibitors allowing our under paints glow and fluoresce brightly. Wonderful product to use as a base for mixing Risk Reactor's Glow in the Dark and Fluorescent Pigments. 

Benefits of Risk Reactor's CN2 Clear Overcoat Paint:

  1. Wear resistant!
  2. Strong durable acrylic coating!
  3. Goes on absolutely clear!
  4. Low viscosity!
  5. Use as a base for making your own paint!
  6. Protects paint underneath!
  7. Cleans up with M.E.K., acetone, xylene, paint thinner, and other solvents!
  8. Can be used on just about any surface!
  9. Meets ASTM C1315!
  10. Non Yellowing!

Used In:
To protect and enhance Risk Reactor's luminous paints. Also can be used as a base to make your own paints with our fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments.

Technical Information:

Film Type: Acrylic.
Film Thickness: Produces a 2 mil. Dry Film.
Coverage: Approximately 300 sq. ft. per gallon.
Drying Time: At 75°F (24°C), it dries to the touch in about 30 minutes. Can be recoated in 1-2 hours.
Cleaning Up: Use most solvents such as acetone, MEK, etc.
Flash Point: 116 F
Shelf Life: Minimum 24 months.
Packaging: Gallon, Pint and Ounce Containers.

How to Use:
Spray, brush, etc. our CN2 over our luminous paints to enhance the color and protect the fluorescent or phosphorescent effect. This product can be used on just about any surface. Prepare the surface as you would with any other type of paint.

To mix your own paint, simply add one of our pigments and or dyes to the CN2 and stir. You can thin the CN2 with M.E.K., Acetone and many other organic solvents. This is an oil-based paint and proper ventilation is recommended.

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