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Regular visible ink can wash right off, smear, and can also be duplicated. With Risk Reactor Inc.’s line of readmission inks, stamp pads, black lights, self-inking stamps, and custom wooden stamps you can create your perfect patron control solution. Stop your lost revenue by ensuring who has really paid for your event, product or service. We offer everything from Invisible Black Light Inks to Un-Inked Stamp Pads, which work perfectly with Risk Reactor Black Lights to secure your revenue. Not only does invisible ink allow for more efficient patron control but will not be a burden to your patrons after they have left your event.

Get your Readmission Security Solutions from Risk Reactor, where quality products and service is our daily goal. We also have complete kits available and ship promptly.  Readmission ink, hand stamp ink, or pass-out Ink as it is sometimes called, is a fast drying ink that is used to stamp paying patron's hands at your event. The strong fluorescent capability of our ink allows the establishment to easily identify paying customers.

  •    Fast Drying!
  •    Non-Toxic!
  •    Ready To Use - No Mixing!
  •    Strong, Bright Colors!
  •    Simple To Use!
  •    Economical low cost high Value!
  •    Goes On Clear!
  •    Pays For Itself!
  •    Lasts Long Time!
  •    Made for use with Risk Reactor Black Lights!

Our inks are used extensively to control admission by marking patrons of bowling alleys, racetracks, amusement parks, dance halls, bars, rodeos, concerts, or any event. People also use our Readmission Inks to prevent people from obtaining second servings, gifts, or other valuable products by marking patron.


  1 oz 6 Pk 1 oz 8 Pk 2 oz 6 Pk 2 oz 8 Pk Pint Gallon
IFWA-C0 Cancun Clear Blue  6PACK1OZC0  8PACK1OZC0  6PACK2OZC  8PACK2OZC0  IFWA-C0  IFWA-C0Gallon