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UV Cure Lights

Ultra Violet LED curing technology has been growing quickly. RISK REACTOR INC. is an innovator in the UV industry with many years of experience including using metal halid and mercury vapor solutions. We try to meet our customer application requirements and provide effective clean energy curing solutions. We offer Handheld UV Curing, UV LED spot curing, UV Inspection curing, and UV LED black light flood curing. We specialize in black light products that use the latest high power UV LED aimed at higher light intensity output for more efficient curing.

Risk Reactor Inc's 365 nm black lights are perfect for UV curing operations that require 365 nm ultra violet energy. We small and large portable configurations of 365 nm UV Leds with the ability to create new configurations for our clients needs. Just let us know what UV LED configuration you would like and email info@riskreactor.com with your application and requirements. We carry everything from battery operated black lights, to plug in fixtures. The battery operated blacklites are perfect for outside and mobile applications.